Friday, May 2, 2014

1. Create hierarchy on the basis of regular dimension on self referencing table

1. Create datasource connection :

    Create new one or use pre-existing datasource connection and finish the wizard.
2. Create a Data source View with the help of wizard. To launch it right click on "Data source View" create new from "solution explorer".
Add table DimEmployee, because this table contains self reference data.

3. In below image you can see the self reference arrow, SSAS automatically check for FK's

4. Now create a Dimension Right click "Dimensions" > "New Dimension" from "solution explorer window.


5. Now process the dimension.
    after successful process now you can see the browser tab in below image click on same tab.

( figure -5 )
6. Subimage-5.2 you can see the employee hierachy, expand all and check all hierarchy. Now we can see here it is showing "employeeID", but i want to see the employee name (employee related information) instead of "employeeID".

- To achieve this right click on "Employee Key" and click on properties.

- Now you can able to see the properties window in very bottom Right Hand side, scroll down there until you get the property NameColumn

- "NameColumn" , browse it to select "First name" or any from list as per your requirement.
(see subimage -5.3 )

Again process the Dimension and move to "Browser" tab and click on refresh button as shown in subimage-5.4

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