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J 4 INFO - name means nothing, but from my childhood i am using this name to write on my notebooks, now i have been started writing a blog.

I am Btech in Computers, working in IT company. I am working on various roles. Mainly i concentrate on Oracle, SQL Server, Postgre, MySQL, SQL, PLSQL, DBA, Kettle, Pentaho Tool, SSIS, SSRS, QlikView, Talend tools, small programs of java script, PHP, Mongo DB.

I put the stuffs on my blog which are blocking in any way, issues related to setup, SQL, PLSQL or basic concepts. Generally the problems (issues) that i had faced during work or at home or while learning something new  (as this is my hobby as well so i am continue to do code at home as well). I do not want that other people face the same issue, if they face they can resolve with right and quick guidance.

As my blog contains the stuffs related to my observation, in case if the solution not worked/worked add your comments, this can be value able for all of us.

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