Friday, May 2, 2014

5. Cube using dimsalesterritory table

1. create the data source view using tables (after launching the "data source view" wizard)
    dimsalesterritory / dimcurrency / factresellersales

2. Here i create the dimension first and later on i create cube.
    you can also create the cube first and modify the dimension later in the same way we are creating the dimension.
3. Now Launch the dimension wizard to create dimension from "solution explorer".
    Below image have three subimages taken from dimension wizard.
As per the subimage-2.3 i have check the attributes ( by default they are unchecked), so that further we can use them for hierarchy purpose.
    Finish the dimension wizard.
4. We can drill down the report with dimension country only if hierarchy is define with dimension country group/region.
    Now we need to create hierarchy, Drag and drop the ATTRIBUTES from "attribute pane" to "hierarchy pane"
    The order should be in high to low i.e. ST group/country/region.
 from tab "Attribute relationships"
    As per below image SSAS automatically create relation between dimension and key (see subimage -3.2)
    In order to recreate the relationship delete all the highlighted relationship (see subimage -3.2)
    how to create new relation
    1. by drag and drop
    2. order should be lowest to highest
    3. drag and drop the "sales territory country" onto "sales territory group"
    4. drag and drop the "sales territory region" onto "sales territory country"
    5. drag the drop "sales territory key" onto "sales territory region"
    now u can match the order with below image
5. Process and confirm the hierarchy in BROWSER tab.

6. Now launch the cube wizard from "solution explorer". Follow the step as below image

7. Process the project
8. Here we can play with data. we can slice,  we can drill down/up.


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