Sunday, May 8, 2016

Get the list of all tables using JDBC driver using kettle

This is very very beautiful article for me, i bet you guys also enjoy this. The thing is i need information of all tables and columns and keys available in some database and i need all this information at one place and in some different server or some different database.

I searched on google and thanks god i am able to catch up a transformation, which will provide you list of tables, columns, data type of fields, available primary_keys , foreign keys and indexes available with in the database

We can easily get all these information using JDBC connection

Download the transformation from below link

List and used function:

  1. data types output - function used getTypeInfo()
  2. tables output - function used getTables()
  3. columns output - function used getTables()
  4. primary key output - function used getPrimaryKeys()
  5. imported key output - function used getImportedKeys()
  6. index info output - function used getIndexInfo()

I have modified this transformation since i need information related to tables and columns only, and end result will be saved in tables of different database

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