Monday, May 30, 2016

Create Folder/Subfolder in transformation java script

This Article related to Pentaho Kettle ETL tool, where we have requirement to create folder, sub folder in physical file directory dynamically using java script. Please follow below steps, you will be definitely able to do this.

We have step in job, using which we can create folder ans sub-folders.

Magically we have "Modified Java Script Value" step in transformation, using which we can also create folder and Subfolders in filesystem.

Steps :

  • Create new transformation and save it
  • Add - "Table Input" - "Select Values" - "Modified Java Script Value" in transformation
  • Table Input step contains - "select 'temp_folder' as path"
  • Select Values Contains entry of field Path
  • Modified Java Script Value contains - createFolder('e:/'+path);
  • Now save and execute it

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