Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Share files with Virtual machine

Some case arise when some body is working on Virtual Machine like we need to copy large data onto the virtaul machine if machine specially is Linux.

How to share folder with linux/unix?, if yiu are using VMWare then it is pretty simple.

Some persons are using SAMBA server to access share folder on virtual machines installed with UNIX/LINUX server.

What is required:-
Before proceeding further you should have linux OS, installed with GCC/GCC+ and dependent libraries rpm's. While fresh installation of OS these RPM will be available in "Development kit".

After this install "Install VMWare Tools".
How to install:
  • Move to VM >Install VMWare Tools.
  • you can see *.tar file will open
  • Move and extract it on desktop
  • Double click on *.pl file and follow the steps and accept all the paths.

1. Virtaul machine should be in Power Off mode.
2. Open setting for virtual machine.

3. Enable the "Shared Folder" option under "option" tab.
4. Add any folder from local drive. as below in image

5. Share directory you can find under "\mnt\hgfs\".

Thanks for follow up!!!!!!!! like if it works

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