Thursday, November 19, 2015

LISTAGG function giving extra spaces in result

Lets reproduce the error:

create table emp1 as select * from emp;

alter table emp modify ename nvarchar2(20);

SQL> SELECT deptno, LISTAGG(ename, ',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY ename) AS employees
  2   FROM emp GROUP BY deptno;

---------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
        10  C L A R K, K I N G, M I L L E R
        20  A D A M S, F O R D, J O N E S, S C O T T, S M I T H
        30  A L L E N, B L A K E, J A M E S, M A R T I N, T U R N E R, W A R D

LISTAGG function returns varchar2, if we execute query on column of type nvarchar2 then value will startimplicit conversion to varchar2.

use LISTAGG function always on column of type VARCHAR.

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