Thursday, August 4, 2016

No single argument constructor found for class [Ljava.lang.String;; in 'reader', line 10, column 1:

While setting up of cassandra you might face below error. I faced below error, i did workaround and identified the solution of same. I am going to provide the solutions to all of you guys, to get you out from the any severe problem.

No single argument constructor found for class [Ljava.lang.String;;  in 'reader', line 10, column 1:
   cluster_name: 'Test Cluster'

While modification of cassandra.yaml file you might change the format of given directories

Change directories path format as given below (it should be exactly same)

    - /cassandra/storage/data
commitlog_directory: /cassandra/storage/commitlog
saved_caches_directory: /cassandra/storage/saved_caches

In my case i have written data_file_directories as below
data_file_directories: /cassandra/storage/data
When i change path as per given format, then it works fine for me.


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