Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to clear cache of run (saved password of shared folder)

We generally used RUN command of window to work quickly or open different type of windows shortly (short hand of computer) using commands. We also need help of RUN command to open Network or shared folders if your machine is available in network.

After long time use of RUN command, it save all commands (as history) and it will be available to you for next time. If you do not want to see the history you need to below steps periodically.

Here i am going to tell the steps to delete specific IP address entry from history of RUN command.

Follow below steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Open cmd
  2. Execute command "net use"
  3. Copy string from Remote column, IP address of server whose cache you want to delete
  4. Execute below command
    • net use \\\folder(paste your string copied in step 3) /delete
  5. Now on re-execution of net use command, you can see the string entry get removed
  6. Now go to task manager
    • kill explorer.exe and starting it again.

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