Saturday, June 11, 2016

Want to save kettle Logging in database?

However, when you execute job using spoon it produce the logs in UI, the same logs you can also write in database. Here is article how we can write the logs generated during execution in the database. See below:

We can easily save the logs generated by the kettle in database tables. Easiest ways is to change the properties of the job.

Create table in database level. I am using SQLServer in my case and field used in below table are required field.
We have to consider all field while creation of table.

Create table logging
 id_job int
, channel_id varchar(100)
, jobname  varchar(100)
, status varchar(100)
, lines_Read int
, lines_written int
, lines_updated int
, errors int
, startdate datetime
, enddate datetime
, logdate datetime
, depdate datetime
, replaydate datetime
, log_field varchar(max)

Now create a job in kettle.
Double click on job (open area) - Job Properties - Log (tab)

Remember that the number of field selected using checkbox in Log_Table_Fields dialogue box, should exists in tables.
In the add-on you can create n number of fields (depend upon the limit of table and database) in same table

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