Friday, January 1, 2016

Table Input/Evaluate rows number in a table/Execute SQL step, On error abort all job sequence

This error is somewhere related to my previous post

kettle - Filter step not working initialize both input steps  link

picture 1
i have some set of queries as you can see in above picture highlighted in green box , bearing type of 's' and 't'. That mean i have to filter records with field "type"

If type - 'S' then - execute query with connection 1
If type - 'T' then - execute query with connection 2

In previous post i suggest to use step "Simple evaluation" at job level to filter rows, it works fine
but i faced some another condition on the way :  

 I have to execute all the four queries with their respective type of connection, and log the result, i.e. query execution success and failure

OOPS what happen !!!!!!!!
look in the picture the query highlighted with yellow color having wrong table name, now it is obvious query got fails while execution and it leads to abort the whole job process.
OH IT NOT MET TO MY SCENARIO (scenario is log the result, for query execution success and failure)

to met above condition i change the orientation of my data-set, as highlighted in RED BOX.
Set variable for each different column

Test Query at job level ..see below image(job in loop)

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