Tuesday, April 14, 2015

QV28 Hidden sheets and objects in QLikkview

In qlikview document we can hide the sheets and sheet object. Hide means these will not visible to user any more, untill unless he enable them.

How to identify whether hidden sheet and objects are present in document:
goto MENU - setting - Expression Overview
ctrl +alt +e

LOOK the picture below, i have highlighted the sheet name (in yellow color) showing null value. which means we have hidden sheet in the document.

How to unhide sheet and object:
way1 - we can over ride the settings by pressing ctrl+alt+s
note*-Be very careful to undo this change before moving your application into a production environment.

way2: go to Menu - setting - Document Properties - sheet (tab)
look onto the STATUS column (Normal | Conditional: hidden | Conditional: Normal)
select any one sheet and properties - Under General tab - remove conditions

How to hide the document or sheet:
Write the condition 1=0 (under general tab of sheet and chart properties both)

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