Friday, February 13, 2015

QV22 Script error code in Qlikview

Scripterror code are generally used to handle script error i.e. error handling in qlikview.

This variable will be reset to 0 after each successfully executed script statement. If an error occurs it will be set to an internal QlikView error code. Error codes are dual values with a numeric and a text component.
  • No error (Script Error =0)
  • General error (Script Error =1)
  • Syntax error (Script Error =2)
  • General ODBC error (Script Error =3)
  • General OLE DB error (Script Error =4)
  • General custom database error (Script Error =5)
  • General XML error (Script Error =6)
  • General HTML error (Script Error =7)
  • File not found (Script Error =8)
  • Database not found (Script Error =9)
  • Table not found (Script Error =10)
  • Field not found (Script Error =11)
  • File has wrong format (Script Error =12)
  • BIFF error (Script Error =13)
  • BIFF error encrypted (Script Error =14)
  • BIFF error unsupported version (Script Error =15)
  • Semantic error (Script Error =16)


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