Friday, January 3, 2014

DML Autocommit in oracle

In oracle we need to do commit the DML (Data Manipulation Language) transaction explicitly.
By default DML operation are not autocommited in oracle.
But there is provision in oracle to do autocommit on for every DML transaction.

SQL>set autommit on;

After doing this, oracle will commit every dml, and data will written in datafiles.

Topic Auto-Commit On Auto-Commit Off
Transactions Each statement is a separate transaction. Commit() or rollback() completes a transaction.
Database-side JDBC routines (routines that use nested connections) Auto-commit is turned off. Works (no explicit commits or rollbacks are allowed).
Updatable cursors Works for holdable cursors; does not work for non-holdable cursors. Works.
Multiple connections accessing the same data Works. Works. Lower concurrency when applications use SERIALIZABLE
isolation mode and table-level locking.
Updatable ResultSets Works. Works.
Savepoints Does not work. Works.

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