Monday, June 18, 2012

SP2-0110: Cannot create save file "afiedt.buf"

This error is most general error, everybody face this error either he is a student or trainee or experienced. Most of trainee starts from oracle and we generally used the SQL CMD to write the commands and execute the command. The feature of SQL CMD is that we can re-edit the SQL if it is not executed well, to use this feature we need to assign a buffer file where it can save the the previous execution history.

SP2-0110: Cannot create save file "afiedt.buf"


1.Open CMD
2.set editor=notepad sqlplus and login with user

4.Thats it.


  1. Thanks for your post. I have tried and read for hours to solve this problem: Oracle forum, Dba forums.
    You were of great help indeed!

  2. Superb,
    You killed the problem in a nutshell. Hats Off to you. You have the 'ABC' of Oracle-SQL knowledge.
    But there's one more important point to make note of - In the properties of SQL Plus, advanced, 'run as administrator' should be checked. This is an additional thing I had to do.


    'ABC' - Accuracy Brevity Clarity

  3. sp2-0110 cannot create save file afiedt.buf IN ORACLE 11G ON WINDOWS 7

  4. fantastic.. answer to the point.. its of great use.. thankX a lot

  5. thanks a lot bro

  6. Hi Manish.... Thanks Thanks alot..

    i have checked "SQL Plus, advanced, 'run as administrator'" and it is working well... and i will definite check it out in future when i get new instance to work...


  7. very good and easy solution.Thanks

  8. SQL>set editfile d:/sqledit.sql


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