Friday, August 28, 2009

Increase Window Index rating upto 9.9

How to:
1. Type following in Startmenu Searchbox / Run / Explorer Addressbar:
And Press ENTER .

2. You'll one or more .xml files in the folder. Sort them by Date Created or look at their name. The file name will be in following format:
Where "2007-11-08" might differ from machine to machine and Windows Installation date/time.

3. Open the latest file in "Wordpad" and goto line having . It'll be approx. 12th line and will look like following:

4. Now you can edit the numbers between signs and can increase them upto 9.9 as following:
5. Thats it. Save the file and check the Index again in System Properties. It'll 9.9 now.

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